This new, cool thing: NoSQL!

(Geek talk warning!)

So I’m exploring some new technologies, and I think I found a great solution for horizontal scaling databases. I’ve known about NoSQL for a long time, but never actually worked with it until this year. Turns out, it is awesome!

There are a few flavors, but they are all pretty good. I’m playing with MongoDB right now, but also going to experiment with Couchbase.

Since life has settled down a bit (shipped a new game at work, etc), I have been working on a new personal project. So, for that, I’m using NoSQL on the backend, and it’s been great so far. No MySQL sharding! No schema maintenance! No data parity issues between shards! No shards! (Well, not from the game’s perspective.)

Anyway, I’m back on the saddle, fired up about this little game, and using a chunk of spare time to get it running. Turn-based, multiplayer steampunk airship battles! With 3d graphics! (Unity, of course.) Huzzah!

(If you remember my old Facebook game, Merchant Commander, this is kind of just the combat lifted out and made into a game by itself. I wanted to keep the focus tight and the scope small so I have a better chance of finishing it before I die of old age. This is also a significant step toward a more expansive MMO-lite project.)

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