Pre-alpha testing has begun

For anyone who may be following my progress, I just wanted to announce that pre-alpha testing has begun with a small squad of very talented testers. You’re probably wondering, “What does pre-alpha mean?”

In software development (as I understand and employ the terms), alpha means all of the game’s features are implemented but there isn’t much content yet (missions, characters, items, etc). Beta means that all the features and all of the content are completed, but not fully tested and debugged.

So, pre-alpha means that I’m not done with all of the features yet, there’s no content, but I still want to do technical testing of the game systems. It’s actually pretty boring to test, since there’s not much to do besides find out if you can crash the game or not. :)

But this is a pretty big milestone! Someone besides me has played the “game” now, and that’s exciting to me.

Stay tuned for more information about the game.

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