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There’s a whole Galaxy of Swine out there, you know.

Yeah, so, I’ve got something brewing here. It’s a small project, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’s coming to a web browser near you pretty soon. That is all.

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And now for something not so completely different

I’ve decided to take a hiatus from Merchant Commander development for a couple of weeks (looks more like a couple of months now). For one, I’m researching some new Flash game engine libraries. I currently use PushButton Engine, but I’m … Continue reading

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Merchant Commander alpha testing to begin soon

Howdy, y’all. Just wanted to say that Merchant Commander is going to enter Alpha testing very soon (next week, latest). The game is nearly “feature complete” for the initial launch phase, so it’s time to test for a few weeks … Continue reading

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Pre-alpha testing has begun

For anyone who may be following my progress, I just wanted to announce that pre-alpha testing has begun with a small squad of very talented testers. You’re probably wondering, “What does pre-alpha mean?” In software development (as I understand and … Continue reading

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