And now for something not so completely different

I’ve decided to take a hiatus from Merchant Commander development for a couple of weeks (looks more like a couple of months now).

For one, I’m researching some new Flash game engine libraries. I currently use PushButton Engine, but I’m finding it to be kind of long-winded and not clear about certain things such as what component controls which values. Well, that’s a geek rant I won’t make you suffer. :)

FlashPunk game engine logo I came across something called FlashPunk, and I like it. It’s not as formally engineered as PBE, but that’s actually why I like it. In terms of sitting down and just getting something done, this game engine rocks. Yes, parts of the code make me cringe (just my taste, nothing wrong with how it’s made), but when I realized how fast I was getting a little game on the screen, that won me over.

Well, that and the fact that it has basic features for everything you need in a game. No hunting down and learning yet another 3rd party library for particles, tilemaps, tweening, etc. Just hack it up, and go! Add the fabulous DAME map editing tool, and you’ve basically got everything you need to make single player games.

It’s likely that Merchant Commander will get a FlashPunk overhaul. I have some big plans for how the interface is presented. It will become much more “game like” and animated, but that would be after the official alpha launch, when the game is online all the time instead of me taking it down to work on it most of the time. That’s coming soon.

But I will need more art, and that costs plenty of money.

So, I also want to experiment and see if I can make any money on single player games, and hopefully come out the other side with some more funding for Merchant Commander. We shall see!

As always, thanks for reading.


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