A game developer’s work is never done–and always changing

With Oil Spill Hero under my belt, this looks like the next thing on the list:

Dragoneer logo first draft

I have discovered and (so far) completely adore Player.IO. I was gobsmacked when I researched it and realized what they’re offering. Naturally, I had to make something with it! And that’s just what I’m going to do.

I had previously been really loving RedDwarf Server, and I still do, but the amount of effort to complete, launch, and operate a game with Player.IO is dramatically less. It’s got some quirks, but they’re quite minor in the scheme of things.

As much as I want to support and use RedDwarf (which I still think is a top-notch server tech–it just needs polished support services and libraries to make it the ultimate one!), I have to pay the bills. That means I can’t always use the technologies I want to. I said goodbye to Python and hello to ActionScript for the same reasons. It’s just not a feasible thing to do in terms of business.

There’s my geek banter for now. See you soon!


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